The Age of Gods


From the stories that tribal chieftain Dragonborn tell about the land before humans, this land was once ruled by 3 powerful entities.

One is described as being as bright as a sun yet calming and soothing as an ocean, she gave life to the land and sea and created Elves.

Another as being mysterious and wise, looking faded like made of fog, he gave the life thought and dreams that created magic and created dragons and the dragons created dragonborn.

The last one is described like a empty void with a great presence, he created conflict and contrast, a moon to the sun, a dark to the light, Drow to Elves.

Much of what happened is unknown, all that is known is that one day they disappeared except for the god of dreams, leaving what they created to be used by the mortals they created and the other god as a sort of bystander to watch over the mortals.

The Age of Dragons


With the gods gone the strongest beings ruled in their place, Dragons. The dragons forced the Dragonborn to construct cites for them to live in. Many of them built above ground as giant towers or underground as unending labyrinths.

Soon other races started to pop up and as they did they were crushed by dragons and had to retreat to areas of the Wild where they could be safe called FaeWilds.

To punish the Dragons for using the Dragonborn as slaves the remaining god cut the connection between this world and the world of dreams, the Fade. In doing so this god made it so he could not interfere in the Material Plane directly anymore, becoming banished to his own world in order to keep the Dragons in. Many of the dragons did not survive this as their essence is connected to the Fade and many died over the next century from being weak and killed by rebelling Dragonborn.

The Age of Mortals


With the dragons dead the cites that were constructed fell into disrepair with few of them still using the magical technologies they built with, although mortal races started to appear in these ruins and started using them as safe havens from creatures of The Wilds. These became the non magical races. Races that grew in FaeWilds became the Fae races.

Dragonborns could not breed fast enough to catch up to other mortal races and as such are few in number and tribes are very sparse.

The Age of Technology


As Mortals discovered more ruins, they discovered magical technology that they retrofitted to work for them, lighting rails, magic runes, and Drifters are all byproducts of old technology in one way or another.

This is where we currently are in history.


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