Common Races

As of recent history, Humans have spread all over the Keros, forming settlements and making stories they can tell to their children of the adventures they had when they were younger, inspiring many heroes in all paths of life, Wizards, Warriors, Clerics, Bards, name anything and there is probably a story about it with a human being part of that story.

Half-elves are the most common race in Keros. They fit in more with Humans and Drow as they are the most accepting of their heritage, with High Elves seeing them as a disgrace to their bloodline, and Wood Elves never interacting with cites. In fact many half elves are Human and Drow offspring.

High Elves
High elves are called Pureblood Elves because each of them are sons and daughters of the first elves, they are highclass elves that dont assosiate with any race other then elves and even then they look down on non pureblood elves. High Elves are very politic and family driven, many of them being rich and not doing much other then spending time studying spells or fancy sword play. If they need something done they will pay for others to do it for them. Pureblood Drow exist and are like the standard drow but a bit more dark and sinistar.

Drow are common in Keros with many them living in cities and becoming honest workers, social stigmas of the way they were are not fresh in peoples minds with many Drow holding high positions in politics and some even owning land and cities. Drow are originally from a darker FaeWilds called “The ShadowWilds”. Drow were created by the god of the void as a contrast to Elves and are darker in nature. Most of the great beasts that live in the Wilds came from the Shadowilds and as such many drow had to leave wether they liked it or not and with this came breeding with humans and other elves because of intergration, there are still some Pureblood Drow but they work in magic that is seen as immoral or something that should be forgotten, for Pureblood Drow no magic is off limits and as a result they have made many of the monstrositys that made them leave the ShadowWilds.

Dwarves have remained a proud race of stout craftsmen with the advent of technology. The more inventive ones have ivented vehicles and other gadgets and other odd creations while traditional Dwarfs have made weapons beyond anything they could do before. Although, Dwarven traditions do die hard and a lot of Dwarfs still stay in the mountains and make weapons the good old fashion way, saying that all that magic weaponry is useless unless you know how to forge real weapons.

Exotic Races

Dragonborns used to dominate most of Keros alongside Dragons long ago but little to no history tells of their rule. As some of the more common races started taking control as Dragonborns rarely breed, live very long naturally, and are very traditional they usually stay in their small villages and have fought off creatures of the wilds for centuries and have been self sustained for even longer. They are strong enough to hunt any beast that comes near them and there is little to no fair play among other races for fighting or hunting as they claim to be the best hunters in all of Keros as the teachings passed on through generations of Dragonborn on how to fend off large beasts of the Wilds. Few villages have adapted to the times and became guides for people hoping to cross the Wilds in exchange for food, resources, or labor, money has no value to them.

Orcs and half-orcs have been slaves for centuries but recent laws put in place by The Order of The Red have released them from slavery and as citizens. Many Orcs are low class workers but social stigma and racism has driven many of them to crime and piracy. Even though they seem barbaric in appearance and nature their race was the first to make Jet Boats, although be it with stolen parts, stolen boats, and stolen magic, they were the first to make it work and some of them have become shipwrights while most of them just use them for piracy.

Changelings are often called Fade-children as their near cosmic look resembles the dreams of the Fade, with their pure white skin, deep black eyes, and otherworldly colors of hair. Changelings were born from humans being exposed to large amounts of Wildmagic or magic from old ruins. They are usually accepted in normal society but have been excellent at espionage and other forms of secret work. Chances are you will rarely see a changeling in their true form, although there is a sort of unspoken respect among changelings to stay in their true form, showing that they have nothing to hide from anyone.

Undead are the product of a wizard, Lord Leonardo Ozsen who used the power of a relic from the goddess of light to return the soul of his dead wife back to her body by the relic to pull souls from the afterlife back to the living. In doing this it changed the balance of the realm and caused him and everyone within his city to be afflicted with a curse, this curse stopped people from dieing, giving them a mark written in a language no one could understand. At first he was seen as a hero by the people around him but slowly this came with a cost. Food and drink came with no pleasure as it all tasted of dust, people would not die from wounds unless their bodies turned to ash, and time had no effect on their bodies. A century later the curse was translated as, “Find your Purpose on the wheel of fate.” The translator of this curse was restored to life as he translated it, inferring that the only way this could have happened was because he fulfilled his purpose to the world. So then undead set out to find their purpose, dubbed Remniase after the city in which the undead come from. Some persuing to be the best in their proffession, others to be adventurers. As undead go threw life if they lose hope on their Remniase they start to look older and become more insane, until they become ghoulish and feral. The way undead look are they all have the same couple of traits white hair, pale skin, and grey eyes. They all look the same age as when they got they curse. Undead recover from wounds but when it recovers it leaves a scar no matter how bad the injury. Leonardo retreated to a tower to the far south and has set up protection so he can not be disturbed as he trys to complete his Remniase.


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