Common Knowledge

Moral Ambiguity

Not everything or everyone is emotionally black and white, good or evil. Just because something is Evil, doesn’t mean that it see’s its actions as unmorality just or if they do they have a reason for it. Everyone, unless they’re a crazy, does what they feel to be right to them at the time. Although this does not mean that people don’t do criminal acts, crime and other types of “evil” acts are still common place like in regular D&D, its just that people can be reasoned with, and most characters, no matter the alignment, can work together for whatever reason they decide. Evil beings of traditionally good races and good beings of traditionally evil races are encouraged; but alignment definition remains true to D&D standards, with good and evil retaining their meanings. However, the situation often arises in the campaign world that oppositely aligned characters will side with each other briefly if a threat looms over all, and also both good and evil characters will infiltrate each other’s organizations for purposes of espionage.

Dragons are Extinct

Old legends tell that during the Age of Dragons there were stories of how there were more dragons then any other living creature in this land but as the gods left, so did the the dragons.

The Wilds and Ruins

Much of this land is untamed with many giants and and monstrous beasts roaming the land, these these places are called The Wilds. Tribes of exotic races live in the safe havens that exist in small pockets of The Wilds, no one really knows why these areas are safe. Cities are very few and far between and are strongly built to withstand attacks of all kinds. Most of them are built out of old ruins from The Age of the Gods. These ruins have not all have been discovered with no one is brave, rich, or stupid enough to go into The Wilds by themselves without an escort of well trained guards and even then its still luck if you survive, if you go into the wilds you better be smart about it or you’ll never make it threw them alive. Most people who do go to other towns by land take Lightning Trains, if they travel by air they use Air Ships, and water they take Jet Boats. Although, if you do explore The Wilds there are plenty of treasures of adventurers who aren’t as lucky as you who don’t need them anymore. Just make sure your in a safe place by night, camps aren’t gonna cut it.

Magewrights and Artificers

Arcane power is invisible and omnipresent. Ritual allows a magic user to draw on this energy and use it to reshape reality. The process of spellcasting is considerably more complicated than wiggling a finger and shouting a word. Mastering a spell requires intense mental discipline. In addition to complex gestures and incantations, a spellcaster uses thought and will to transform and shape mystical energy. A true wizard is a master of this art, able to grasp the principles behind any spell he can find or create. This level of talent is a rare gift. Still, most common folk can learn to cast one or two minor spells, if they work hard enough. While they lack the diversity or raw power of the wizard or sorcerer, these lesser spellcasters bring simple magic to the marketplace and into the world. These people are called Magewrights.
Magic is synonymous with technology nowadays with each other. Many things run on magical runes and some magic users strive to be Artificers that craft these objects. The time to make these objects sometimes outweighs the usefulness of them although some legendary wizards have found a way to make unreal achievements using this technology. Technology looks steam-punk and you will see it everywhere in cities. Vehicles are powered by bound elementals or from magic runes. Many cities have magical lanterns throughout the streets powered by runes, technology have a very high presence in this world although not to ridiculous extremes, it is a very rich thing to have and many people are fine with stone and wood.


The way that runes are created is through the process of folding a magic metal into a objects during their creation called Zigril then etching the desired spell into the metal. This is akin to the process of making a sword or armor the only difficulty with doing it is in it’s raw state of Zigril is hazardous to people who cannot control magic or don’t any have resistances to it. Many races can do this but the most common ones are Dwarves and Gnomes, although it was the Gnomes that started this practice many Magic users have taken a liking to this practice regardless of race. Sickness from overexposure to Zigril ore not a very common occurrence unless you stay around it for days at a time. The symptoms are the same as exhaustion except for when you get to the to the 6th level of the exhaustion your body starts to age by a year for every day you are still exposed to the material by 1 foot for every 10lbs of Zigril ore. You cannot reverse the aging effects, but to stop it from happening the best thing to do is to be a magic user or have some resistance to magic. For some reason this ore seems to spook any wild beasts away from caves that have it in them.


Range weapons are used quite often but with advances in technology certain types of weaponry have been invented. Runeshots are firearm type weapons that uses the power of magic metal runes as ammunition. If your still feel like using bows you can get Spell-shots arrowhead.


There are 3 gods that watch over the different planes of existence. Xela, the Goddess of the Etheral Plane, Yura, guardian of the Fade, otherwise known as the Astral Plane, and Zera the King of Fiends, Ruler of Underworld. All the gods have left the material plane of existence and no one knows why or how, but many followers of the gods will tell you that they are always ever present.
The existence of divine magic is not evidence of the gods, as clerics who worship no deities but instead follow a path or belief system also receive spells. A cleric can even actively work against their own church and continue to receive spells. As a result, religion is largely a matter of faith. Unlike in many other D&D settings, a cleric does not have to be within one step of his deity’s or religion’s alignment, and is not restricted from casting certain spells because of alignment.


Some cites have been built in the sky with large airships supporting many people, these cites are colloquially known as Drifts and the people on them are called Drifters. Drifts are not governed by any law except Drifter Law and as such the home of thieves, criminals, and other forms of lowlife. Controlled by the criminal underworld or whoever has the most money, anyone and anything can bought and sold at a price and most arguments are settled in blood. The only way to get to these cites is by airship, of course,


Keros itself is in sort of a Renaissance, technology is becoming easier to build and cultures are mixing with the invention of new transportation and people are starting to put down their weapons and picking up their pens.
Music has sort of moved past the lutes and harps of the old days and bards nowadays play jazz and blues style music for the patrons of taverns and inns now.
Conventional animals like chickens and cows are rare, most of them have been killed by the larger creatures in the wilds. For this reason cities have been built to raise livestock and agriculture is an expensive but high paying endeavor. Walls, guards, traps, and sometimes magic are used to protect agriculture for the goods that come from these places are worth a lot.


Each city in Keros has their own kind of government and governs themselves in their own way but most of them that have a common ideal are usually part of a faction. There is no unified military of any kind outside of city guards, although if you break the law of a city they will put bounties on your head that will get sent to cites surrounding them. Most likely they will be sent to the numerous Factions or Guilds in Keros.


In places where the fade is very present there are semi-portals to places in the Fade called dreamscapes, these are produced by the dreams of those who enter them and those who have dreamed there also.

Common Knowledge

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