Factions and Guilds


The Order of Red

The Order of Red is a militaristic faction that want to unify all of Keros under one power. Founded by Useph the Red, a great battle hero who lead a legion of solders to destroy a hoard of beasts from a ruins. In those ruins he constructed a city of solders who under under one ideal, Honor. They provide protection to the cites that follow their laws and will fight other cites in order to covert them into The Order of Red.
Their motto is, “Red or death!”
There goals are to unite all the cites under Red’s banner, whether they like it or not.
Their flag is a red flag with a black flame on it.

Drifter Law

Drifter Law stands for freedom above all, no man should have to follow anyone and they can do as they please, with the threat of what will happen to them if they screw someone over being the deterrent of crime. This chaotic faction was made by the head family of the drifter colony Zepelli Uzari, who leads people with mThe oney, respect, and charisma. Most people join this faction with the hopes that they might become powerful enough to join Zepelli and live in the lap of luxury.
Their Motto is, “Freedom is our law.”
Their Goals are to spread the freedom of every drifter colony to the cities on land, under any means necessary.
Their Symbol is a Dark Grey Flag with a Gold Dagger on it.

The Keepers of Fate

The Keepers of Fate are the faction that unites the teachings of the religions of the 3 gods under one roof. They wish to find out what happened to the Gods and wish to bring them back to the material plane so they can worship them and learn from them as the ancient mortals did. According to them, it was the teachings of the gods that let the ancient mortals construct the technologies that have led to our current technological advances but they believe that we didn’t recreate them in the way that they were originally designed and they could be better. The head keepers are unknown with their faces concealed by masks representing the demigods who serve the god of the Fade.
Their Motto is, “May the gods bless your fate.”
Their Goals are to investigate ancient ruins to discover the fate of the gods and bring them back to the material plane.
Their symbol is the symbol for the god of the Fade, a spiral flame with a dot in the center.

Well known Guilds

Silver Swords

Specialists and Bounty hunters, this guild is for catching what normal people can’t catch. They will track down anyone with a price on their head and have become a very good deterrent against crime in most cites, if you see their pure silver blades you better start running.

Steel Hammers

Master smiths who have deep roots in old dwarven metallurgy craft works of art and war, this guild makes tons of weapons and armor, chances are if you have durable armor it will have the Steel Hammer stamp on it.

Golden Arrows

Archers and hunters in this guild are well known for taking down ginormous beasts from the wilds and protect people going through the wilds. Usually caravans and explorers, clients pay top coin for their help.

Brass Horns

Many famous musicians and artisans from around the world have gathered under this guild. Many new technical and cultural advances are thanks to this guild.

Bronze Staffs

All Magic users have heard of this guild and their ways of utilizing magic in new ways. They create spells and magical items for clients and if they can’t male them they will try their hardest to find them.

Factions and Guilds

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